as i am a little physicist, i made a simple video on how building 7 came down
and than uncovering the lies of these simple minded conspiracy people:

also watch the last minute of this:
(the following video is a youtube page in it's own frame and not part of

in the fucking christian world, death becomes the ultimate orgasm
which is followed by a fucking endless heaven of multiple orgasms.

the end of the American Empire.. will be it's decadence.

this is the propaganda that i was taken in by :-(

(the following video is a youtube page in it's own frame and not part of

i could make a second video concerning this molten steel theory :-(
but i leave this for someone else :-)

you might want to add sub titles to my little presentation:
as i do not define my life through misery
i have no television
and do not need to channel any sexual frustration
in gloting over some human tragedy.
Which means, for all the past ten years
i have never watched any 911 news.

But because of wikileaks and this ten year anniversary
i got wind of these 1500+ architects participating in this conspiracy theroy
about the intentional demolition of building 7.

That's stupid.
I mean, noone being able to rig the needed expolsives
can be so stupid as to make it look like an intentional demolition.

They would have destroyed only one side of the building
to let it crush into the twin towers.
 And they would have done it when all the dust from the twin towers 
would have made their crime invisible.

No, noone capable of achieving a perfect demoltion
would be so stupid to do it perfectly.

But all these conspiricy people having minds like 7 year old kids
yes, they can be so stupid.

Now i am a little physicist
so i wasted 60 minutes to understand
how this building came done.

The inside of a multistory building  is quite fragile.
If some floors could move sideways
everything would come down.

But luckily, there is the outside structure
some meters thick
which is build stronger to withstand the forces of nature.

Now imagine a failure in the inside structure.

This first affects only the inside structure above, which breaks down.

You don't notice this from the outside because 80% of every level is air.
but the still stable structure is like a barrel of a huge gun.

Which means, that about 40.000 tons of concrete and steel
coming down to ground zero
unleashing the energy of 200kg TNT to ignite a nuclear fusion
blast away the entire outside structure within a fraction of a second.

And now we have the free fall that everyone is talking about.

Addionaly, the outside structure can not fall sideways,
because the upper part of the inside structure is still going downwards
and guides the outside to the same destination.

And the best,
The crushed inside is pushing the lower part of the outside away
which makes the upper part drifting inwards.

And the whole building falls into it's own footprint :-)

no mircale
no conspiracy needed.

And here comes the tragedy

The inner part above the failure collapses first.

then inside 40.000 tons go downwards
the implosion becomes an explosion
and than 
the free fall

But these conspiricy people mainly show you this:

the square penthouse on the left is already missing !

Yes, that is rigged

They even delete the first part of the full collapse
because it contradicts their wet dream.

the collapse took at least 13 seconds. here comes the next lie:

they have cut out the 5 seconds when the inside goes down.

I don't pretend that i have told you anything new.
But what is new is the fact
that i am just a little German physicst
and all these 1500+ architects who call for a new investigation

they should quit their jobs.

It is possible to build scyscrapers
that when going down go down exactly 
like an intentional demolition.

Hail the architect of building 7
and the 1500+ architects
are in the wrong profession.

because over 10 years they've had not the happiness to understand
what took me only 60 minutes.

the truth is a lie,
only understanding unites.

and do not forget the first two rules: you always speak yes :-)